When it comes to booking your leaflet and magazine distribution, we offer four levels of door-to-door service:

Shared Distribution – this service is available wherever we have other existing distribution contracts and typically means that your leaflet will be distributed alongside one or two other items.  Often we are able to deliver your leaflet around 40% cheaper than if it were to be distributed on its own.

Solus – some clients prefer their marketing material to achieve maximum impact by booking an exclusive distribution for just their own leaflet.  This ensures utmost visibility and response.

Newshare – the most cost-effective option is for your leaflet to be distributed alongside one or more regional weekly newspaper titles.  This method is more suited to large campaigns where cost-effectiveness is the principal criteria and can only be achieved in postal sectors where an existing free newspaper title is published.

Premium Distribution – we pioneered this distribution model in the 1990′s, working alongside local councils and government departments such as the Highways Agency.  We understand that on occasion it is necessary to ensure your message reaches even the most isolated households.  Some clients even require detailed distribution analysis, householder signatures or photographic evidence of distribution and we are able to deliver.

3CD Group has been delivering leaflets door-to-door since 1995.  We have a wealth of experience in helping you to get your door-to-door campaign right first time.

According to figures published by the Direct Marketing Association, our industry body, door-to-door distribution remains one of the most successful means of generating householder awareness and conversions and offers an unmatched ROI when properly targeted and executed.

A successful campaign starts with a well-designed, persuasive leaflet with engaging images and an explicit call to action.  Our design team are highly experienced in creating outstanding content, with due attention given to how your leaflet or brochure presents to the prospective customer as it falls through their letterbox.  Click on the Design link above for further information and tips.